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How Can You Avoid Fires & Explosions in Your Process?

Experience and research* show that the key to minimizing production downtime and damage due to fire and dust explosions is the detection and elimination of potential ignition sources, i.e. sparks and hot particles.

FNA Inc. distributes Firefly systems and components that provide unique and patented technologies based on True Infrared (IR) radiation detection and full cone water spray extinguishing with the purpose to detect and extinguish both sparks and hot particles in industrial processes. FNA also distributes quick suppression systems that include unique and advanced flame detection coupled with water mist suppression systems protecting a variety of high-risk process machinery and assets.

A Firefly/FNA Inc. prevention and or protection solution is always tailor-made and based on a risk assessment of your specific process.

* National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) / Prof. Rolf K. Eckhoff ”Dust explosions in the process industries”