Flame Detection

Flame Detection in Any Industry

Flame Detection

Flame Detection - Avoid Industrial Fires

A small flame that occurs in an industrial process can quickly evolve into a large-scale fire with devastating consequences. Firefly therefore offers a range of different flame detectors as part of its fire protection system solutions to the process industry.

Tailor-Made Flame Detection Systems

Firefly offers the most reliable and advanced fire protection solution for the process industry. Firefly’s flame detectors are tailored for specific applications, such as open areas around high-risk machinery, for example board presses, pellet mills or tissue paper machines. Firefly also provides flame detectors that can be installed inside machinery such as for example planers or log saw enclosures. To quickly suppress a flame, Firefly also offer non-invasive water mist suppression as part of its flame detection solutions to provide the most comprehensive and well-adjusted fire protection solution there is to find in the market.

Flame Detection Technique

Firefly’s flame detectors are designed to detect unwanted fires and output appropriate alarm information. By using flame detection sensors, our flame detection techniques are based on IR radiation detection, as well as a combination of UV/IR radiation detection, to enable early fire detection and minimize the risk of false alarms. Firefly’s flame detectors have an extremely fast reaction time, are not daylight sensitive and the flame sensors provide the highest possible discrimination between fire and non-fire sources.

Flame detectors from Firefly have built in self-diagnostic means to automatically check internal sensitivities, humidity and temperature in the electronics. Similarly the status of the detector glasses will be checked and give an alarm message if the glass is covered by dust.

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