Fire Protection in the Food Industry

Fire Protection in the Food Industry

The food industry cannot be generalized as it contains a wide range of processes. One common denominator for the food industry is that its materials are fine, dry, and in most cases organic. These materials can ignite and explode if an ignition source is present in a layer or within a dust cloud.

The codes for the use of equipment in the food industry are very strict. Firefly therefore tailors a protection system to accommodate these parameters. Firefly equipment for the food industry contains of stainless steel and other food-approved materials. To provide effective protection against fires and explosions, Firefly offers fire protection through Spark Detection and Quick Suppression solutions by using IR-radiation detection and flame detection in combination with water spray extinguishing and water mist suppression.


Note: All Firefly systems are tailor-made according to the design of the plant. The examples above are a general explanation on how Firefly can minimize the risk of a fire or a dust explosion in this process. For further information, please contact Firefly.