Fire Protection in the Power Generation Industry

Fire Protection of Turbines

The greatest fire hazards in power generation turbines come from lube oil. The normal turbine temperature operation, on bearings and some pipes, is higher than the ignition temperature of the lubrication oil used for these equipment. This fuel-temperature operational condition produces a risk that should be eliminated by an accurate, fast and automatic fire prevention system.

Fires normally occur at the turbine bearings, lube oil piping, below the turbine deck and the lube oil reservoir. The Firefly TurbineGuard system, with its punctual design, could extinguish an emerging fire in the hazardous areas of the equipments or even prevent the occurrence of fires in power generation turbines.


Note: All Firefly systems are tailor-made according to the design of the plant. The examples above are a general explanation on how Firefly can minimize the risk of a fire or a dust explosion in this process. For further information, please contact Firefly.